Are you sure ClickFunnels is right for You?

That’s the question I asked my new client.

She is a certified life coach and has invested heavily in a coach training program and marketing.

Like most coaches and solopreneurs who are interested in building their business, she sought the advice of experts in the coaching circle associated with her program.

But as so often happens, she got caught up in one or more of the following traps – especially the last one:

FOMO – fear of missing out
SOS – shiny object syndrome
DKWYDK – don’t know what you don’t know

An ‘expert’ recommended that she use ClickFunnels.
Completely understandable. She didn’t know the right questions to ask and the sales pitch is always good.

But there are a few problems with this recommendation.

1. She has Mercedes credentials (Ph.D., coaching cert, decades of experience), yet her online presence looks like a Pinto.

2. There is a disconnect when landing on her very outdated and non professionally designed website…to seeing slick and polished professionally designed sales pages as a website visitor goes clicks through her ClickFunnels process.

3. Her business model is high touch, med-high dollar investment. She works with a select audience based on quality, not quantity.

Here’s what you need to know about ClickFunnels:

1. ClickFunnels is an online membership model where you create sales funnels to get people moving through your website to make a purchase. One sales funnel example is you offer something for free, then sell a course or ebook to then offer an order bump (another offer) and then a one time offer.

2. The base membership cost is $97/mo. Oh, but there is so much more investment required beyond this- in dollars, time, and expertise.

3. It can be a great system for certain businesses.

4. The model is based on high volume traffic.

5. The fastest way to get that traffic is to buy Facebook ads, as recommended by ClickFunnels. You have to pay someone to create the ads if you don’t know how.

6. You have to invest a lot of money to get a lot of traffic to know whether the sales funnels are working. So it is not unusual for you to pay $5,000 to make $5,500. A $500 profit. That is, if your funnel is working. You may lose money, break even, or you may make more than that.

7. You have to have your email system, payment system, etc. all ready. Do you know how to set that up? If not, that’ll cost you more to hire the right expert.

8. Are you in the type of business where you can handle hundreds of new clients at a time? Perhaps, if you’re selling a course or ebook. But then you have to ask if you have the customer support in place to handle complaints, returns, and questions.

I am in no way bashing ClickFunnels. Like I said, if it fits your model then there is good potential.

The next time you are presented with an offer, ask more questions to be sure it’s the right fit for your business. I see coaches and solopreneurs wasting a lot of money on purchases that are not right for their business.

If you have questions about your systems, etc. please contact me.

And by the way…this client will be saving $97/mo moving forward.