Ever have a friend who only calls you when she needs something? Or she’s bored or her friends are busy?

Do you feel used?

OK, now I ask you to watch my video and listen to the reasons I offer as to why your social media audience, blog readers, or newsletter readers might feel used.

You might be guilty of the very thing you hate about the friend who makes you feel used. My challenge for you is to review your content over the past 90 days and be honest about what sort of content you create. Please let me know what you found in the Comments below!

Once you recognize and acknowledge the root of the problem, you’re in a much better place to fix it. I offer suggestions on how to take your audience from snooze and used to alert and engaged.

An engaged social media audience has the potential to become your biggest brand ambassadors. Brand amabassadors do all the selling for you.

If you’re still feeling stuck after watching this video then I invite you to set up a friendly introduction call with me. You won’t get formulas and get-rich-quick schemes, so if that’s what you’re searching for then I’m not your person. I will listen to your business challenges and afterward, if I think we’re a good fit, then I’ll ask if you want to hear about my Confident Content Coaching program.