FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who do I work with?

I work with business owners and companies who are highly motivated and completely ready to open your mind to a new way of marketing. You are willing to open up about what's not working and get real about your focus and investing in yourself or your company to make big changes. Big doesn't mean scary. Big means awesome and exciting and light. You are committed to showing up every day, working smart, managing your calendar, and tapping into your inner genius.

Who don't I work with?

I do not work with business owners who are not willing to invest their time and money. If you just want to outsource your marketing efforts and not be a part of the solution, we are not the right fit. I will not work with clients who don't show up for our meetings, who take calls during our meetings or can't focus. If you are not willing to take constructive criticism or are not open to trying new things, we are not the right fit. Excuses and talk like "because we've always done it this way" are not welcome. If you are not willing to implement the strategy we create together, I'll still work with you, but why waste your time and money?