Leslie Horn Trosset AMI Marketing Conference Speaker

There’s nothing more exciting than meeting new people, sharing stories, and exploring a new city. Two weeks ago, I did just that over the span of four beautiful July days.

I flew from Albany, New York to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to give a talk on marketing to 250 members at the Association of Medical Illustrators Annual Conference at the Hyatt Regency. My talk was titled, Stop Hiding! Raise Your Visibility in 3 Simple Steps.

Before I discuss the conference takeaways, I feel compelled to give a brief introduction to the medical illustrator.

Medical illustrators are the unsung heroes of our world.

Why? Well, for starters, they are left and right brain thinkers. They’re artists and scientists wrapped into one amazing being. They’re passionate about their work and they have a bond and general respect for one another that is all too uncommon these days.

Medical illustrators help patients, doctors, surgeons, veterinarians, attorneys (and more) understand through visualization, the life sciences which comprise the study of life and organisms – such as microorganisms, plants, and animals including human beings.

So the next time you look at an illustration of a medical condition on your doctor’s office wall, or watch medical or plant animation on the internet or TV, it was most likely created by a medical illustrator.

Over one-third of medical illustrators are self-employed and even more accept freelance jobs on the side while working in their research, hospital, or university jobs. This is why marketing is an important topic for members of AMI.

As amazing as these brilliant creatives are, it does not surprise me to learn that marketing is a big challenge for them. They have the same struggles that all of my clients face.

Leslie Horn Trosset Marketing Speaker

In my talk, I broke down the 3 Steps:

  1. Overcome Fear
  2. Create Unique Content
  3. Generate Traffic

Following these 3 Simple Steps might be simple, but it’s not easy for most people. I broke each step down and shared why it’s important to overcome them, how to implement the change, and what specifically they could do.

There was a lot on their mind. Can you relate?

  • “It felt like you were talking directly to me. I struggle with every one of your steps.”
  • “There isn’t enough time in the day. How do I fit in time to market my own business when I’m already so busy with client work?”
  • “I have so many clients because I’m afraid to say no. I accept jobs that I regret taking.”
  • “How do I start networking with a group of potential clients I want to work with?”
  • “A rising college senior asked for advice on whether she should go the corporate route or start her own business right out of college.”
  • “How can I choose a job that supports my goal of someday having a family.”
  • “I’ve decided to get my teaching degree because my company restructured and laid me off.” Although she has a side freelance business, fear motivated her to go the “safe” route and become a teacher. There’s no such thing as a safe route when it comes to being employed by someone else. Layoffs happen all the time, no matter how dedicated you are to your company, how many nights and weekends you work, and how much stress you are under. Making decisions based on fear is rarely a good thing.

Leslie Horn Trosset Conference Marketing Speaker

Here’s what I know…

You are not alone. We all battle variations of issues that arise when you’re self-employed. Self-doubt, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, fear and dozens of other feelings come up that need to be worked out. You can enjoy a successful career being self-employed. You just need to surround yourself with experts, colleagues, and community.

I invite you to sign up for my newsletter or connect with me on LinkedIn or Facebook where I’ll be sharing stories and my thoughts on how to tackle the roadblocks that can get in our way as we build a successful business. I hope you’ll join me.

We’re a little over one week since the Milwaukee conference. It’s so easy getting caught up with the regular aspects of everyday life, however, if you haven’t already – please go right now and blog about your thoughts post-conference. Tell a story about your experience and share it with your audience. Share the link and tag me on LinkedIn or Facebook to let me know you’ve done it. You’ll feel so proud for taking the time to do it.

See you soon.

Leslie Horn Trosset AMI Marketing Conference Speaker Milwaukee, WI