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Leslie Horn Trosset
National Speaker, Marketing Consultant & Creator of
“Stop Hiding! Raise Your Visibility in 3 Simple Steps”

Whether your audience members are just starting a business or they want to learn how to use marketing and social media to take their business to the next level, my unique signature talk offers a fresh approach to marketing by boiling the process down to this: 

Stop Hiding! Raise Your Visibility in 3 Simple Steps

  1. Overcoming Fear
  2. Creating Unique Content
  3. Generating Traffic 

In my talk, I’ll break down each step, offering specific examples and pulling from my real life client stories. 

This presentation is for audiences who want to learn how to: 

  • Get new clients
  • Become the go-to expert
  • Understand the value of blogging
  • Optimize your social media presence
  • Discover content that attracts prospects
  • Create a community
  • Build traffic 

It all starts with overcoming fear and finding your voice. We’ll talk about how to deal with feelings of bragging, being an introvert, a perfectionist and other emotions that come up. Once you’ve found your voice, I’ll show you how to create unique content that attracts lucrative clients and helps you stand out from the crowd. And lastly, I’ll share the secrets to generating traffic and building a community so that you can achieve the financial success of your dreams.


Leslie Horn Trosset speaks to creative professionals, health practitioners, women’s organizations, entrepreneurs, practitioners, college students, and more – large and small. 

Format Options  

  • 60 Minute Talk
  • 90 Minute Talk, includes Q&A
  • 3 Hour Workshop: deeper dive into the content where participants work on each step and leave with their own mini-marketing roadmap to apply right away. 


    • On-location 
    • Virtual 

Here’s what people are saying…

Leslie was a presenter at the 2019 Association of Medical Illustrators annual conference in Milwaukee Wisconsin. She gave an excellent 60 minute presentation on marketing and social media and pointed out the fears that hold back many artists in self-promotion. She left the audience with a call to action on interacting with the audience through the power of original content.

As one of the event organizers I can say that Leslie is a true professional. She sought out several members prior to the event to learn about our industry in order to tailor her message to the needs of our members. I truly enjoyed working with Leslie and highly recommend her for both speaking engagements and personal coaching.

Mandy Root-Thompson

Board Certified Medical Illustrator & Owner, MedDraw Studio

I have known Leslie for several years and have seen the results of her work as a marketing consultant, helping small businesses grow through the effective use of social media and other methods.

As a content marketing strategist, she understands the small business challenges of finding and keeping customers and the need to create and maintain relationships with these customers – new and old. Her ability to determine where small business owners need help with these endeavors and then to assist them in the development of strategies allowing them to achieve their goals faster through successful marketing is impressive.

I was in attendance at the 2019 Association of Medical Illustrators National Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where Leslie gave an inspiring 60 minute presentation on marketing to an audience of over 400 professional medical illustrators, many of whom are self-employed.

She addressed a wide range of fears and concerns that are typically shared by many small business owners. These ranged from less discussed issues, such as perfectionism, self-doubt and the imposter syndrome to the more typical “how to find clients” question. She then provided a series of suggestions on how to successfully deal with all of these concerns: how to overcome fear, how to create unique content and how to generate business traffic.

Leslie’s talk was extremely well received. Leslie Horn Trosset is a true expert in helping entrepreneurs market and grow their small businesses and I recommend her highly as a marketing consultant or speaker at your event.

William Westwood

Board Certified Medical Legal Illustrator & Owner, Westwood Medical Communications

Leslie was a presenter for our “Emerging Issues in the Nonprofit Sector” seminar series. She was professional and thoughtful throughout the planning process and gave a thorough and engaging workshop on social media marketing to our audience of nonprofits. The user-friendly tools and tips she provided were valuable in driving home the message that we need to spend more time considering who our audience members are, and crafting compelling stories to engage them, and less time randomly posting and tweeting on every available channel.

Pamela Skripak Gordon

Executive Director, Insitute of Nonprofit Leadership & Community Development

Leslie delivered a LinkedIn training to our sales team that was as equally valuable to neophytes just cutting their teeth on social media as it was to those looking to expand existing skills. Well done.

Richard Sleasman

President, CBRE Albany

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