Increase Your Visibility & Confidence on Camera using Facebook Live

Host Engaging Conversations with Your Fans

Take advantage of Facebook Live’s News Feed Boost so that you don’t have to pay for ads to get your posts viewed

Reach New Audiences Like Never Before

Increase Comments, Likes, Shares so that you can connect with your customers and create a following

Broadcast in Real Time!

Improve your engagement with clients so that your profits increase and money comes in

Facebook Live is a Game Changer!

Have you been told that that only way for your posts to show up in Facebook’s News Feeds is to buy Facebook’s ads? Do have a Facebook page that has been dormant because you don’t know what to post? Reignite with your Facebook fans, create new ones, and engage in a whole new way that feels fantastic and lights up your passion again. Imagine how great you will feel when your fans are clicking Like and Love buttons, leaving comments while you are Live, asking questions, and completely immersed in what you’re saying. My Facebook Live coaching will transform the way you think about your Facebook community and allow you to open doors to limitless sales – without being a hard-sell who pushes people away.  

Learn & Get Inspired using My Facebook Live Course!

For more than 17 years, I have worked with business owners and entrepreneurs to teach them how to use content, SEO, and social media to increase their online visibility. But nothing so far has been as exciting as using Facebook Live to capture the attention of your audience and build a loyal following! I’ve been helping entrepreneurs learn Facebook Live and they are seeing amazing results. One business owner experiened a 1000% increase in engagement and reach over their previous Facebook posts. Another participant had people calling her the “Real Estate Mogul” because of her huge increase in visibility. Past-participants have shared their feedback below.

I am inviting you to to sign-up for my 45-minute training on Facebook Live. Here’s what I created for you:

  • I personally lead you through a 45-minute Facebook Live Training Video with step-by-step instructions, including:
  • Introduction – who you are, what you do, where you’re from
  • Content – how to show and tell to engage your audience
  • Tips to overcoming fear, anxiety, and vanity issues (this is a biggie for many people – are you one of them?)
  • Technical aspects for non-techies – using tripods, selfie-sticks, battery life, wifi signal, broadcast locations, etc.
  • How to pre-promote and post-promote your Live’s to build a bigger audience
  • How to use call-to-action (without feeling uncomfortable or salesly)
  • Facebook Live Planning Template: my step-by-step guide supports everything I teach you in my video as I describe each step to creating a successful Facebook Live video so you can get started increasing your visibility right away
  • A special invitation to my Private Facebook Group. Here you will join others who took my course and practiced their Live’s until they were ready to go Live on their own Facebook page/profile. A link to my Group will be provided after payment for the course is verified.


  • 5 Day Challenge: each day I give you a new challenge so you can begin practicing going Live in a private and supportive group setting.  Past-participants have shared how much value there is in this piece and they didn’t want the challenge to end! Please read what past participants have said about the course below.

Price: $77

Happy Clients

Hear from a few of my past-particpants.
Facebook LIve Training Course for Business “My challenge going into this workshop was my fear of being on video. From there it was the technology piece. I thought as soon as you hit start that you’re live right then. I didn’t realized there is a 3-2-1 countdown that gave me extra time to prepare! Leslie’s Facebook Planning Template was very helpful in breaking down the steps to make it easy. Now, I am not afraid of Facebook Live. ;)” 5 Day Challenge “The 5 Day Challenge in Leslie’s Facebook Group was the most valuable part for me. Leslie knows a lot and is eager to share her knowledge and experience with others in a friendly, non-judgmental, supportive way – and I appreciate that! She is committed to making sure her clients are educated and informed to show themselves confidently on Facebook Live.”
Jodi Graber, Manhattan

Health Coach / Entrepreneur / Owner, Bravo! Wellness

Facebook Live Training Course for Business “Leslie is calm, knowledgeable and funny. That is a magical combination for a teacher! She breaks it down and gives you confidence to get in front of the camera and go live!” 5 Day Challenge “Leslie created a supportive learning environment in her Facebook Group in which I felt safe. You were very clear and concise and made me feel comfortable practicing Facebook Live.”
Joan Becht Willette, Queens, New York

Entrepreneur / Writer / Owner, The Enchanted Goddess

FaceBook LIve Training Course for Business “I have gained more confidence since taking your Facebook Live Training Workshop. You provided the structure and the steps of what to put in the Live’s to make them effective. It was a very clear, well thought out workshop!” 5 Day Challenge “I didn’t want the 5-Day Challenge to end! Leslie walked us through each challenge where we practiced going live in her friendly Facebook group. She was encouraging, and created safety for us to work out our delivery and then go for it!”
Nancy Lindgren, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Energry Healer, Entrepreneur, Inventor, Moonlight Pillows for Breast Cancer Survivors

FaceBook Live Training Course for Business “Leslie is a great teacher, competent, patient, and encouraging! It was well-presented.” 5 Day Challenge “I love the encouragement Leslie gives with the 5 Day Challenge. The feeling that I can screw up and that it will always work out is a valuable reminder.”
Beatrice Ten-Thye, Canada

Virtual Assistant / Entrepreneur, SMART Virtual Assistance

Price: $77