Why No One Cares

I hear regularly from entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking for better ways to engage their audience on social media. In order to help you learn how to engage, I point out in my video (above) where creating content can really go wrong.

One big reason social media engagement is so low for many professionals is that you don’t know what to talk about, so you talk about yourself or your company. Someone in your company says, “We need to be creating content and putting stuff out there on Linkedin!” And so without a social media strategy, you do what’s easiest: you start tooting your own horn.

B-o-r-i-n-g! Who cares?

It’s like a one-sided friendship that I explain in my last video, Why Your Social Media Audience Feels Used.

In today’s video, I delve deeper.

Your potential client is looking for someone who can help them solve their problem, save time, save money, etc. Tooting your own horn is not going to give people what they need in order to make a decision to hire you.

You have got to put more effort and thought into your social media and blog posts if you expect to attract your ideal clients! I did not say you have to put hard work or a lot of money into it.

What are 90% of the People in Your Newsfeed Doing?

Seriously, go take a look. Perform a little audit of the 10 most recent posts and leave the results in a comment below. I performed the same audit in my feed and shared the results in my video. The results were not surprising.

Companies love to talk about themselves! So do narcissists.

Most people who read posts where a company creates content to toot their own horn either get ignored all together or someone clicks the “good for you” Like button. There are always exceptions to this rule and there are acceptable ways of tooting your own horn.

We’ve become robots who are overwhelmed by social media, our daily tasks, work and personal responsibilities and everything in between. So in order for us to pause long enough to read your title and first few sentences, it had better be good.

I’m busy, you’re busy.

When creating content, what kind of social media posts encourage engagement?

When creating content, it all starts with original, organic, homegrown, full-flavored ideas! There are literally dozens of different types of content that you can create that can feel super easy -and thousands of content ideas that you can use to market your business.

Stories are a fantastic way of creating awesome content for your company. Stories about how you helped a client and stories from your client’s perspective of how your product or service affected them, are typically well-received and engaging, just to name a few.

The number one goal is to get your audience emotionally involved, inspired, entertained, or informed.

Give it a go. Start brainstorming! A good place to start is to talk to your current clients about their problems and successes and see what great content ideas you come up with. Great content along with consistency will go a long way to increasing your visibility.

Have fun with it!



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