Meet Leslie Horn Trosset, a Content Marketing Strategist

This is a whittled down version of my story which encompasses my personal and professional experience as a woman, a wife, a mom, a single woman, a daughter, and an entrepreneur.

I became an entrepreneur to have freedom.

Freedom to get my kids off to school and be home afterward for homework and sports games. To cuddle them on sick days.

I desired freedom to satisfy my burning desire to share my passion for online marketing and completely control my time and financial freedom.

I went from stressed-out corporate working mom to helping hundreds of entrepreneurs build a life they love

Before there was the business of helping entrepreneurs create online successes, there was the working mom with a corporate, stuffy job.

My creativity was stifled. The glass ceiling was omnipresent. There were mergers and layoffs and no overtime pay.

However, the technical skills I accrued laid the foundation for my entrepreneurial future.

I quit my corporate job of 15 years (married, with 2 children at the time) and accepted a position as Director of Marketing for a small IT start-up.

After not even 2 years, I was laid off while 8 months pregnant– one month before Christmas

My corporate days of managing lending automation for a large bank with affiliates all over the country were gone. So too was my short-lived IT job.

Laid off? That felt like I had been sucker-punched. Self-doubt was flooding my emotions. Who would hire me?

My millennial baby–and business–were birthed from my hospital bed

My adorable millennial third child (with a fourth to arrive 2 years later) was born in January of 2000.

During my week-long recovery in the hospital, I started creating the elements of my dream business, which would allow me and my entrepreneurial spirit out of our cage.

I had become proficient at nursing my other children, managing the pain of the surgery, and allowing the nurses to take my baby to the nursery so I could sleep…and plan!

I had the luxury of having a husband who was the bread winner, but we still needed my income to live modestly.

As a mompreneur, I sometimes locked myself in the bathroom to take business calls

I created websites for business owners at a time when many people still didn’t know what a website was, or why they would ever want one. Not an easy sell. Yet one savvy client asked me how I could get their website to be #1 in Google.

I figured it out! SEO was so easy back then. I became an expert when many people didn’t even know what SEO was or how to talk about it.

My clients included The Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale University, a billion-dollar manufacturing company, large corporations – and many small businesses, including a 10-year marketing relationship with an integrative medicine practice and a beautiful inn. I’ve also enjoyed working with naturopathic physicians, massage therapists, architects, lawyers, and more.

I was making tons of money for my clients, working during the day as I could, and then after the kids went to bed, many times I made a pot of coffee and worked until 3:00 AM.

I was not productive. I was worn-out.

I tried working when my kids were sleeping or at school. Toys were everywhere and the house was a mess. Every time I sat down to my computer, one of my children needed me.

I finally hired a Nanny 3 days a week. But we were all in the house and I worked in my basement office. Not easy.

Four kids and a marriage of 20+ years crumbles

We sat the kids down to tell them the news no kids ever want to hear.

Bad mom syndrome flares up in full swing.

I had to do what I felt was best. I’ll tell this story one day soon.

The sandwich generation

Separated. Mother of 4. Caretaker. Depressed. Exhausted. Trying to do it all left me burned-out.

For about 4 years, I have the privilege of being the primary caretaker for my parents at the end of their lives. What an honor. I secured medical marijuana for my dad and became a cannabis advocate. The future of medicine, I believe.

Another story to tell one day.

The hardest and most rewarding role in my life, in addition to being a mother, is nothing compared to the sacrifices my parents made throughout their lives, coupled with the love and sage advice they showered upon my 3 siblings and me.

They pass on 14 months apart in 2014 and 2016.

Time to re-focus and re-brand

With the emotional support and encouragement of friends and family, I pick myself up and start looking ahead.

I know the struggles of being a mompreneur who works long hours and multi-tasks from dawn to dusk.

With the guidance of my friend and a newly hired kick-ass coach, I begin examining my personal and work-life.

Through hard work and a lot of soul searching, I discover what I love and hate about my business and life.

On the business side, the most difficult task for my clients had always been creating content.

  • Content to build their website.
  • Content to get them to #1 in Google results.
  • Content to build an engaging social media presence.
  • Content to position the client as an expert.
  • Content to tell my client’s– and their client’s– stories.

I drop my business name, BizTechLink, and decide to put my name out there in a bigger, bolder way –
Leslie Horn Trosset, Content Marketing Strategist.

I now focus on what I enjoy most and what I am really good at: content marketing, SEO, and social media strategy.

I used to be one of those online marketers who would constantly beg my clients to create a video or write a blog post. I apologize.

You know how there are those marketing and business tasks you do easily and willingly and others you move to your next-day tasks –  a gazillion times?

Do you continually push writing blog posts and posting to social media to the next day’s list of to-do’s?

How about starting a podcast, creating a video or designing a visual image like an infographic?

Facebook Live? Have you heard about the incredible marketing impact it’s having but you don’t have the slightest idea of how to get started?

We have two problems here: a) you think you’ll get it done but it doesn’t come naturally so you procrastinate, and b) you have no idea what your audience wants to hear.

Armed with 17 years of marketing experience including web design, SEO, and social media, I discover an easy way to create content that works like magic

It’s easy. You take a simple quiz to help you determine what content you can create to start bringing the money in.

Then, we co-create a content marketing strategy that feels easy, fits in with your busy life, and positions you as a go-to person in your field, so you can start living the life of your dreams.

You can read about who I work with and other things in my FAQ’s. If you think we might work well together, you can read more about my content marketing strategy process.

What's YOUR story?

I would love to hear your story and help you create a strategy to move you from struggle and confusion and into a business you love.

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