You may think that being a perfectionist is a good thing, but I know from experience that it has gotten in the way of me moving forward in almost every aspect of my personal and professional life.


Since becoming aware of its harmful effects, I have been taking steps to learn more about this big “character flaw” called perfectionism. I don’t believe that there’s a cure, but it can definitely be managed well enough to make some bold changes in my life and business.

I reached out to Dr. Barbara Pats, a Psychologist in private practice for over 20 years, and asked what she knew about the subject of perfectionism. In my interview above, we dicussed the following:

  • the root cause
  • how it shows up in life and in your marketing efforts
  • tools to overcoming perfectionism

I specifically addressed perfectionism as a common problem that myself and so many of my clients feel when they work on their content marketing.

Does this describe your content marketing efforts? You have a great idea for a post or article on your blog, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, or Instagram, and then any one or all of these things happen:

  • No one cares, everyone knows this stuff already
  • You Google the subject to see what other people have written on the subject because you don’t want to look like a fool if you forgot an important piece
  • You get stuck on the title right out of the gate
  • You’re afraid of putting your thoughts or opinions out there because everyone else is smarter or someone may disagree
  • Your grammar is terrible and you’re afraid of looking bad
  • You want to include an image or an image with text and then you surf for hours trying to find just the right one
  • You want to create a Facebook Live broadcast or video but you’re afraid of being judged, making a mistake, your hair isn’t right, you hate your nose, chin, complexion

The list is ENDLESS!

Please, please, watch the video. Hopefully it will give you a new awareness and tools to tackle this big nut so that you can get your business back on track.

Besides what you’ll learn in my video, I have many other tips and tools I share with my clients to tame the beast and get your content marketing (and sales!) back on track!