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My name is Leslie Horn Trosset


I’m a marketing coach, but don’t much like the hype and false marketing promises that I have seen over the past nineteen years.

I believe that we can rise above that manipulative approach and exist in a space of authenticity and truth.

If you’re a coach, solopreneur, business owner, nonprofit, or social media manager, the beauty of connecting with people and building relationships is at the core of creating a long-lasting and thriving business.

It starts with how you show up – in person and online. It continues with how you attract and work with clients. And it never ends – whether the contract technically ends or not. You’ve built a connection and have provided value. How do you want people to think about you afterward? If you want referrals and repeat business, your reputation is everything.

If we share the same beliefs, then there is a good chance we might be a good fit.

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