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What Do You Want to Accomplish and Why?

I believe that marketing should be something you truly enjoy doing. It’s just that no one has taught you how to market your business in a way that feels comfortable and enjoyable, so therefore you don’t do it or do it well. If that’s the case, then why would you expect to accomplish your goals?

Your visibility has a direct impact on the success of your business.

If you’ve found something so magnificent that you created a business around it then you must really believe in it. And sometimes, you simply need help expressing that passion. Expressing why you do what you love is key and the story behind the why is what wins over hearts and creates an endless stream of loyal customers.

Express Yourself in a Form that Feels Natural through Video, Visual, Written, Audio or Live / In-Person

Taking a simple quiz will help you determine what are your top two natural forms of expression.

You may already inherently know what feels natural. Do you love to write and words flow freely or can you stare at a blank page for hours without forming one sentence? This is me, by the way. I’m great at editing a piece but I can sit for hours trying to write a few paragraphs. Luckily, once I discovered my natural form of expression, my business income increased.

Do you love public speaking and networking and people gravitate toward you or does that make you anxious?  Are you creative and enjoy presenting information in a visual format? How about the spoken word? Does talking feel natural, perhaps without video?

Every one of us has one or more forms of expression that feel absolutely right. And when we identify that expression, your sales will begin to soar. Why? Because when you begin expressing yourself and telling your story, your ideal audience who is waiting to hear from you will appear. They hear you. They like you. They share and appreciate your passion. And that, is the beginning of a rewarding relationship.

Relationships are a two-way street, right? As we work together to express your story, it’s equally important to be a great listener. Your audience wants to be heard and seen too. I will guide you through the process of participating in telling your client’s stories. When you ask your customers to talk about their story and how you help them, a powerful outcome occurs. Your ideal clients listen to the stories and choose you again and again.  It feels like magic. It feels awesome.

Discovering Your Natural Form of Expression Makes Being Visible Much Easier

But Leslie, what about social media and SEO? That’s a piece of cake!

Once you have your why, you know how to express it by way of meaningful stories and content pieces that feel light and easy to you, then I use my 17 years of online marketing, SEO and social media experience to hyper-focus on the social media platforms that are ideal for you and the SEO piece falls into place.

I would love to learn more about you to see if we might work well together. You’ll have a lot of questions too that are really important to ask of me, so be sure to write them down. Here’s how it works. To get started, click on the link below to set up a conversation call. You will see my online appointment calendar to book a time that works for you and then I ask some really important questions about you and your business.  Please take your time when providing your answers.

I can’t wait to meet you!

Content + SEO = Powerhouse

Open your heart to an easier way of marketing that aligns with your natural talents and helps you become a go-to person in your field.

Learn to Love Social Media

Connect with your ideal customers by learning to engage and using content to create brand ambassadors.

Storytelling Creates Engagement

Tell stories, your own– and your customer’s– and watch sales begin to come in.

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